Caviar Ossetra 30g


Caviar Ossetra 30g


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Caviar Ossetra 30g

Also known as “Golden” Ossetra caviar, this variety was once reserved only for the czars of Russia. Today, Dom Petroff makes this connoisseur’s prize available for your table.

A great classic caviar. Complex, robust flavor, aromatic finish and tantalizing hints of dried fruits and toasted grains, it has a delicate structure with elegant highlights. Serve caviar in the tin it arrives in. It’s important to keep the beads intact, so they may burst forth upon your tongue for maximum enjoyment. Mother of pearl spoons are a classic choice. Avoid metal, which can alter the taste. Champagne and Vodka are most highly recommended to pair with Caviar and oysters are commonly served with caviar for a classic appetizer to pair with champagne.

Caviar can be served on toast, hard-boiled eggs with a wedge of lemon and even used to top hot dishes like pasta, risotto, soups and even sauces.

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